2UE’s Bob Miller says Cash for Comments should have been disclosed

2UE General Manager Bob Miller has told the ABA conference that John Laws and Alan Jones, should have revealed they were paid for positive commentary before the cash for comment scandal erupted. It was an “error of Judgement” according to Miller.

Miller was speaking during a panel session at the ABA conference, which was followed by questions. In a fiery exchange between Miller and Richard Ackland, who asked a question from the floor, Miller, who brokered the cash for comment deal , said:

“With 20:20 hindsight you can see a couple of the errors that some of the players in the deal made… There should have been more disclosure and they should have stayed on air because the worst mistake they made was to stop. That made them look guilty.”

He contended that the Australian Bankers Association should have kept the on air segment going and told listeners: “Didn’t we tell you we’re paying him (Laws) a fortune, of course we’re paying him a fortune, we’re the bloody banks that everyone hates.”

Miller rejected claims that the broadcasters deliberately bagged the banks in order to lure them into the lucrative deal.