3AK’s ghosts:

3AK/Talk 1116 has recently solved its interference problem, which was caused by reception of Brisbane’s 4BC, which is on the same frequency. The Age’s columnist Lawrence Money told the story in his usual colourful style and just a little bit of embellishment:

Not long ago, the listeners to 3AK/Talk 1116 began complaining that they could hear ghostly voices behind the AK transmission. Management at the star-rich, ratings-poor station were confounded. The intermittent ghostly voices were spoiling their signal. It was the last thing they needed as they hammered away at their mighty commercial rival, the all-conquering 3AW.

Then technicians found an answer. The ghostly voices seemed to be coming from the transmissions of Brisbane radio station 4BC which uses the same wavelength: 1116. That was when the conspiracy theories started, prompted by the fact that 4BC is an affiliate station of that same all-conquering champ, 3AW. Did one and one make two? The Australian Broadcasting Authority, which had earlier authorised a night/day power switching trial for 4BC, investigated and found faulty computer software at the Brisbane station. “That has been resolved,” said the ABA.