4 hurdles that will stop you meeting your targets this financial year

…and how to overcome them – sponsored by IRD Prospector 

The end of the financial year is fast approaching. 

In the Q4 frenzy, marketing and sales are often ramped up to ensure everyone reaches the commercial finish line. 

Often overlooked, though, are the internal issues that could be preventing your station or network from reaching its goals.

IRD Prospector has identified four internal barriers to sales success:

  • Insufficient prospects in the pipeline
  • Low conversion rate
  • Poor-quality prospect data
  • Lack of sales team transparency

Want Solutions?

The solutions are in a report that will help you detect which obstacles are holding your station or network back, and give you the tools to address the underlying issues that are causing them. 

Identifying and overcoming these barriers will help you hit your targets this year, and for years to come.

To read the report go here.


Looking to smash your targets this financial year?

You know the numbers you need to reach, but there seem to be barriers preventing your team from closing sales…