8 out of 10 Australians choose radio: Infinite Dial 2024

Radio is the No 1 choice to listen to in the car and has increased its audience to reach to 81% of our population, according to Infinite Dial 2024 Australia released today by Commercial Radio & Audio and Edison Research.

The 8th annual report, presented via a webinar by Edison Research president Larry Rosin and CRA
chief commercial officer Jo Dick, moderated by Unmade‘s Tim Burrowes with panelists Nova Chief Commercial Officer Nicole Bence, Managing Director of MAGNA Global Lucy Formosa Morgan and Abi Wallis, head of SCAiQ.

The report also found that Australian radio’s reach to advertisers is five times greater than ad supported music streaming services such as Spotify. Just a third of Spotify listeners are able to be reached by advertising.

Jo Dick said:

“The number of 25-54 year olds listening to radio online has more than doubled in the past three years, demonstrating audiences are embracing the way radio and audio fits into their lifestyle. The results show Australian radio continues to go from strength to strength, delivering content to audiences whenever and wherever they choose to listen.”

Mr Rosin said:

“The Infinite Dial 2024 Australia study demonstrates the strong global position of the Australian audio industry, with robust engagement across different platforms, including traditional AM/FM/DAB+ radio, online radio, and podcasts.

These findings underscore the industry’s ability to adapt and innovate, providing diverse and compelling audio content for listeners.”

Podcast listening is still at a higher percentage in Australia than in the US. Nearly half of Australians are now listening to podcasts weekly.

Nicole Bence said:

“Podcasts are a greater driver of performance that we still understand. We can all name our favourite podcaster. If they’re talking about a product or solution and it’s relevant to us we’re going to look for it. We now have the technology and solutions to start to measure that too.”

Radio is still very much the top choice for in-car listening, with 88% using it. In-car radio streaming has also risen 75% in two years. I quite like that CD consumption is still measuring at 30%!

“Radio continues to be a popular and important part of people’s everyday lives, but the findings are also timely reminder of why we need to work with both government and industry to ensure that radio remains easily and reliably accessible in connected cars and on smart speakers,” said Ms Dick.

The report also showed smart speaker ownership in Australia has doubled in four years with 65% of those owners using it to listening to radio in the past month. Interesting to note that in 2017 smart speakers weren’t even mentioned.

More details on Infinite Dial 2024 Australia can be found here: https://commercialradio.com.au/id24

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