919 Sea FM brings the sunshine coast together for a transformation

919 SEA FM’s BarRat and Jess brought together the Sunshine Coast to transform the backyard of local listener Emma. Emma is just 25 and has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, given just months to live.

BarRat and Jess were so moved by Emma’s story, that they decided to create a tropical resort for her – transforming her backyard into a tranquil retreat.

The team enlisted the help of Dan from Dan’s Paradise Landscapes, a range of local businesses and a team of volunteers, who donated over $30,000 worth of materials and 2 days of labour to fully transform Emma’s backyard into an outdoor paradise. 

Emma’s friends told BarRat & Jess that one of her great loves has been to spend time in the garden outdoors.

It was an emotional reaction when BarRat & Jess revealed the garden transformation, to the cheers of the crowd that had gathered to donate their time and efforts to Emma’s Retreat and allow her to be at peace and create memories with her friends and family.

BarRat & Jess say they are “so honoured that Emma and her mother allowed us into her home and family,”

“We wanted to create a retreat for Emma to be at peace and relax. The generosity of the Sunshine Coast is overwhelming. We started Emma’s retreat with a group of people we had never met, and we left with a new group of genuine and wonderful mates.”

You can watch the transformation and the reveal of Emma’s Retreat below.


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