92.9 makes Music Video of Suburban Song

Now in its second year, Lisa Paul and Baz’sSuburban Songs have proven so popular that they’ve taken it to the next level by turning one of them into a music video.

Over the past weeks, listeners were invited email the station with their choice of song and write new lyrics about their suburb. It was one about ‘Morley’ written and produced by a local Perth rapper, Crisis Mr Swagger that changed everything.

“Crisis Mr Swagger deserved more than just a spin on the radio. His Morley Suburban Song had to be made into a video clip,” said breakfast announcer, Paul Hogan.

“When people think music video they’ve thought LA, they’ve thought Miami. Now they think Morley!”

With the support of the Morley community, Crisis Mr Swagger and the 92.9 listeners we were able to turn a catchy rap tune into a music

A thrilled Mr Swagger said, “Thank you to the 92.9 breakfast team for this great initiative… every musician wants the world to hear their music. Lisa, Paul and Baz have done a great job for me in that area.”

A good bunch of 92.9 advertisers also happened to be featured in the video.

See it now online @ http://bit.ly/1e6z6jv or scroll down and watch it.