9.30 and the results of Survey 3 should have been in

9am came and went this morning, and there was nothing in the email inbox at radioinfo.
There should have been, there should have been something that would we had eagerly awaited, the results of Survey 3, embargoed until 9.30.
Right now Steve, Peter and Wayne would have been casting an eye over the latest figures of the five metro markets, and seeing who were the winners and who were the losers, adding figures to graphs and looking at the network results.
Our analysis would have taken into account the up-coming retirement of Alan Jones, which would have been announced during the survey and may have given his breakfast program a small boost.

What happened in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, and how did each of the networks perform.
For the next 3 hours the trio of intrepid radioinfo reporters would have poured over the shares, cumes and averages, trying to see some sort of trend.

Is AM still outperfoming FM in breakfast, and are Kyle & Jackie O still attracting big numbers to their breakfast program.
Who hold the biggest share and who’s got the most cumes, and that always begins the discussion about whether its cumes or share that counts, and what is the difference anyway.
The DAB+ survey results always yield up something different, especially over the past year with new stations being added to almost every survey, and then just was we finally take a break, the Spin starts coming in from the media departments of the networks, as they add their interpretation to the survey, honing in on the best results for each station.
But today, nothing, no sense of panic as the 9.30 publishing time approaches and the analysis spreadsheet that I have carefully put together sits unopened in its digital folder.
So I’ll have another cup of coffee, think about what could have been if only radio had moved to PPM years ago, ponder how we are going to see the impact of Ben Fordham and Neil Breen on breakfast in the next survey result.



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