97.3 FM’s Terry Hansen: ‘I’m leaving the show for my family, health’

Hansen made the announcement on this morning’s Breakfast Show.

After a trip to the hospital late last year revealed ongoing health concerns,Terry Hansen made the announcement to leave radio this morning on the Bianca, Terry & Bob show, which was also streamed on Facebook Live. 

‘Even though the story I’m about to share with you is about my experience and my decision, I think it is a situation that any parent or partnership of parents can find themselves in,’ Terry told listeners. 

‘Late last year, one morning  in the last half hour of the show … I experienced some swelling in my right arm. 

‘With some hasty cut and paste pre-recording and linking from Bianca and Bob, I was promptly up to the emergency ward at the PA, just as a precaution.’

While being examined, Hansen’s health situation ‘rang just about every alarm bell for a middle aged man.’

The realities of shift work and constant fatigue had taken a toll. Hansen said: 

‘I had compromised my health to a point that any serious challenge to it could result in ongoing health problems.

‘In reality, and increasing over the last 3 or 4 years, once the job is done each day, I have suffered from constant and debilitating fatigue.

‘I sleep bank most days to try to have the energy to engage with my family at the end of their day before an early night.

‘Anyone who works shift work knows what that can be like. … My family have been adamant that they want me well first and foremost. And had seen me like this for too long.

After speaking with his family, Hansen decided to approach the station and discuss his circumstances.

‘Therefore, a little while ago, I approached 97.3FM management and asked to be released from my contract and leave radio.

‘They were immediately supportive offering reduced hours and anything that might help me stay if I wanted to.

‘But I can’t half do anything. And it would not be fair to Bianca and Bob and the new energy that has come into this show.

‘They also wanted to be certain that leaving would not leave me in a bad and potentially depressive place. It won’t.

‘This won’t be the most brilliant financial or career decision I’ll ever make. And I thank my family for their support in this. And we’re better placed than many.

Hansen went on to acknowledge his 97.3FM listeners:

‘This is a great job. 973fm Brisbane audience is the best audience in Australia – because of your willingness to share your loves, frustrations, dreams and passion, to build the sort of lives for ourselves and our families that other cities can no longer squeeze out of their hustle and bustle.’

97.3FM’s Content Director Barry Drinkwater said of Hansen’s departure: 
“All at 97.3FM are saddened that Terry will be leaving the Breakfast Show, however we fully support him to spend more time on his health and family.
“Terry has been an integral part of Brisbane, helping to wake up audiences across the city on 97.3FM since 2004. There are so many great achievements for Terry, the Breakfast team, and the station over the years, not least most recently with Bianca and Bob.
“We will have an exciting announcement in the coming weeks regarding Terry’s replacement to join Bianca and Bob, and we’ll be focusing over the next month on celebrating his fabulous contribution of the last 14 years.”

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