98five’s Brekky duo max out WA’s only hot chip vending machine before 9am

98five’s Brekky with Kirste and Morro officially emptied WA’s newest hot chip vending machine with the help and support from their 40,000 plus listeners.
The machine  takes three minutes to cook up a serve and was cleared of its 40 buckets of chips within three hours.
Show guests included CEO of The Hot Chip Company Peter Malone, potato grower Brian Thornlie and associate professor Deborah Kerr from Curtin University Department of Public Health, who was horrified anyone was eating a bucket full of hot chips for breakfast, yet alone 40 buckets.
The idea was born from the Brekky team’s “love of the spud” and came to life after a tip off about the machine’s existence which cooked its first batch of hot chips in February this year.
Brekky host Paul “Morro” Morrison said the achievement was comparable to climbing Mount Everest.
“Spud Mountain has been conquered. We pulled in the big guns: my father-in-law knocked off about six (servings of chips) himself!
“It’s been absolute mayhem here in the foyer (of the hotel). People have been walking in and out with their luggage going to the airport and we’re trying to give them chips.”
The hot chip machine is expected to be rolled out across Australia by the end of 2016.

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