A sneak peak into Lee Abrams latest News concept called ‘NewsMovie’.

By Lee Abrams and Dave Charles

Information is the new social currency … We know that this is true as we consume so much information from difference Social Media platforms daily. But the point of difference from Lee’s perspective for news is compelling real time footage of todays world news events and local happenings whether it’s the Truckers Freedom protests in Canada and Ukraine vs Russia.

Abrams believes that the traditional ‘talkinghead’ news formats are boring and not compelling enough for todays media consumer and he’s right.  This TV News format has existed forever and its time for a real change.

Nobody wants headlines and hairspray anymore!   Look at how Tik Tok has given us real life video snapshots and situations. Thinking beyond Tik Tok is where ‘NewsMovie’ will position its 24/7 account of world events.

From our research, what todays information consumers really wants is a compelling views of local, regional, national and world events presented in a personal rendering without the ultra light copy that fails in most cases to ‘context’ the story in an EYE, EAR and BRAIN kind of way.

Let’s use Ukraine and the Free World vs Russia as a current example.  We all want to see things unfold in real time.  With the technology, we have and the connectivity for this kind of movie style journalism news format.

Here’s Lee’s overview of NewsMovie, a 24/7 daily look at the world at the moment.

Newsmovie… A 24/7 movie of the world at the moment

There is a new global programming mainstream driven by younger demographic trends, game-changing technology and a planet immersed in challenges.

NewsMovie programming is cultural bending- a complete dismissal of the old playbook and every bit as mind-blowing as the technology that carries it.

NewsMovie programming will be electric,  high energy and in Technicolor.  Like never experienced before.  A powerhouse  of intense magic

During times of change like the current historical media crossroad we’re at, it requires new blueprints, new attitudes, and radically new thinking. Legacy media often is mired in committee overthinking, unshakable roots to the old way and  perhaps some arrogance that lives in  the walled-in media world. NewsMovie is street. Managed by veterans of media wars and soldiered by the emerging creative and information superstars for a tour de force in sight and sound that will power NewsMovie to global cool, mass appeal intelligence  and street-wise relevancy.

About the Authors

Dave Charles and Lee Abrams are legends in radio worldwide or, as Dave describes, “salty old dogs”. For the first time, these two dynamos team up to offer sound advice to broadcasters in all formats about putting some unique zip in their imaging and stingers to pique listener interest and stand out in a sea of sameness online, on FM and in promo spots streamed on YouTube.