ABA proposal to change open narrowcasting conditions

The ABA is proposing to impose additional conditions on open narrowcasting radio services by varying the class licence under which the services are provided. The move comes after several false starts in offering an open narrowcast licence in Sydney.

The proposed additional conditions will require providers of open narrowcasting radio services to give the ABA a statement explaining how their service meets the requirements described in the Broadcasting Services Act. The conditions will also require a similar statement to be given to the ABA if there is a significant change in the narrowcast service after the initial statement.

The proposed conditions will apply to anyone providing an high powered open narrowcasting service (a ‘HPON licence’) and anyone providing a networked narrowcasting service.

Copies of the class licence and proposed new conditions are available from the ABA by contacting Gavin Oakes on (02) 9334 7810. Comments on the proposal are invited.