ABC Alumni will officially launch on the 21st

The ABC Alumni will be officially launched at noon on Wednesday, 21 November 2018 in the foyer at the ABC headquarters at 700 Harris Street, Ultimo, Sydney.
The group was formed following a meeting of around 20 Alumni in Sydney on October 12 this year where ABC Board Selection, the decline of the broadcaster and concerns over Asia Pacific Broadcasting were at the top of the agenda.
Members come from former staff and supporters of the ABC and they offer support and expertise for staff during a time of continued cuts, complaints and inquiries from what they perceive as a hostile Federal Government and sustained attacks from commercial media.
The ABC Alumni is keen to ensure that the selection of the Board and Managing Director are free of political favouritism and that robust funding for the ABC is guaranteed and not subject to political manipulation.
Speakers at the launch will include the former editor and host of 7.30, Four Corners and Lateline, Kerry O’Brien, ABC Board Member Fiona Stanley, Acting Managing Director David Anderson as well as the co-convenor of ABC Alumni and staff-elected ABC director, Matt Peacock.

Former staff can join here.

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