ABC Central Victoria rev’s up Raptor’s Rampage

It’s not every day a monster truck tears up an ABC car park, but that’s what happened at ABC Central Victoria in Bendigo last week, when ‘Raptor’s Rampage’ skidded down the driveway and out the back where, luckily, the ABC staff had thought to park elsewhere that morning (You never know when those Monster Trucks are going to decide to crush some metal). 

ABC Central Mornings Presenter Fiona Parker manoeuvred between the huge wheel and the outside green of the Raptor’s Rampage teeth and climbed up into the cabin, along with American driver Greg Christensen. She thought they were about to do an ambling three-point turn so Greg could show off the loudness of the motor, but instead he swung Raptor into action fast, doing a quick trick spin.  

Too quick for Parker, who screamed her lungs out live on air… Before calming down and deciding it wasn’t too bad, so she went back for more.


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