ABC to close all regional Twitter accounts by the end of the month

Resources to be redirected to Facebook. 

From the Gold Coast to Central West to Great South WA, a tweet has circulated across the ABC’s regional social media accounts announcing the broadcaster’s plans to close its regional radio Twitter accounts by the end of July. 

The tweet says ‘This account will close at the end of the month,’ followed by a link to each region’s Facebook feed and website. 

News Corp national technology editor Jen Dudley-Nicholson tweeted ‘looks like the ABC budget cuts just hit Twitter’ in reference to the announcement. 

In a statement supplied to radioinfo, the ABC said resources would be redirected to existing regional Facebook pages that demonstrated higher audience engagement rates. 

“The ABC has been rationalising many of its social media accounts to eliminate duplication and focus resources to content and platforms that our audiences have shown interest in. 

“We have chosen to close our regional Twitter accounts as well as a small number of regional Instagram accounts due to low engagement rates.  We are redirecting our resources to existing regional Facebook pages and online sites which have shown strong growth in user numbers during the past year.”

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