ABC dominates Hobart: Survey 1

Hobart’s first Survey results in over 12 years show that the ABC is far and away the most popular station in Hobart with 7HO leading the commercials. 

This survey, like the one for Swan Hill released yesterday, follows the development and introduction of a new cost effective industry approved standard for radio audience measurement surveys in regional areas outside of the traditional metro and provincial markets. 

Horsham, Hamilton and Colac will follow in the coming weeks. Earlier in 2014, regional surveys using the approved industry regional survey standard have also been conducted in the markets of Wollongong and Albury.

Local Hobart radio stations commissioned Xtra Research to carry out the survey which involved 1200 respondents and was conducted between 13 October and 1 November 2014.  

A previous attempt at a Hobart survey in 2011 was abandoned by the Nielsen leaving local stations and advertisers disappointed.


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Grant Broadcasters General Manager, Colin Taylor said: “What an incredibly exciting time for radio in Hobart.  After having no scorecard for 12 years, it is gratifying to confirm faith in our product for our listeners and customers. Our team has worked incredibly hard to deliver outstanding local radio and we are looking forward to sharing the research with our advertisers. We know in this market there is choice – we are very grateful for those that continue to make us their first choice.”

 General Manager Southern Cross Austereo, Damon Wise, said “Hobart loves radio and at Southern Cross Austereo we work hard to ensure that our stations have the right sound with relevant, engaging content at the right time for our audience. We are looking forward to sharing the results with the community.”