ABC Fires pays tribute to community radio

The last episode in the ABC’s latest tv series pays tribute to the role of community radio during the 2020 Summer bushfires.

Noni Hazlehurst plays a community radio announcer who has been on air for two days as the bushfires surround a seaside community and turn day into night as smoke obscures the sun.

In the show, Noni’s character struggles with the death of her husband but tells a young character at the radio station that she has now moved on from being angry and has turned her energy into something positive.

Like so many community radio presenters did during the 2020 bushfires, Halzehurst stays on air during the worst conditions to continue giving updates.

The episode was based on events portrayed in the CBAA’s From the Embers radio short series and podcast, which recently won two Bronze at the New York Radio Awards.

The CBAA is credited in the end titles of each episode of Fires for its assistance in the making of the series, and especially in this specific episode as it is very much based on From the Embers.

The From the Embers documentary series takes listeners to the very heart of nine communities affected by the bushfire crisis. The communities of the Adelaide Hills, Bairnsdale, Braidwood, Cooma, Kangaroo Island, Mallacoota, Mongarlowe, Moruya and Omeo all share their stories in the 9 podcast episodes.

View the ABC episode here and see the full series on ABC iView here.