Acast Marketplace: a new way to buy podcast advertising

More news in the podcast advertising space with Acast announcing Acast Marketplace, a new home of podcast buying in Australia and globally.

With Deloitte forecasting continued growth in Australian podcast revenue and Acast now exceeding 20 million Australian listens each month, they are the only podcast company certified against all four of the IAB’s compliance metrics.

Acast Marketplace gives advertisers both direct and automated access to the world’s best podcasts, the most talented creators, and the most engaged listeners across every podcast platform.

Acast invented dynamic ad insertion in podcasts back in 2014 with advertising spending on their products increasing 90% last year.

Global advertiser spend with Acast has increased 90% in the last year and locally some of Australia’s most respectable brands are choosing to invest in the Acast network of podcasts, such as our own radioinfo daily flash briefing. Subscribe to the radioinfo daily flash briefing podcast on these platforms: AcastiTunes PodcastsPodtailSpotifyGoogle PodcastsTuneIn, or wherever you get your podcasts.

The number of unique advertisers spending with Acast in Australia has increased 52% to more than 250.

Henrik Isaksson, Acast Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, said:

“While Acast Marketplace is being launched globally, it is also a much-needed tool for Australian advertisers. With our unparalleled reach, unique audience and list of premium content creators, Acast Marketplace will give local advertisers an easy and efficient way to advertise in what we believe is the widest range of publishers and independent podcasters in Australia.”

Through Acast Marketplace, brands can access the three main pillars of podcast advertising:


Providing meaningful reach at scale, bought direct or through Acast’s automated platform. Sophisticated, contextual targeting uses dynamic insertion technology to reach the right audience, in the right way, at the right moment, as many times as required.


Show hosts delivering brand messages in their own unique, trusted voice.

Branded content

Building an even deeper connection with listeners, through dedicated branded segments or episodes within popular existing shows, or a bespoke, standalone podcast series.

Advertisers also benefit from a brand-safe environment that meets all GDPR regulations and accountable insights.

Acast Marketplace will continue its innovative approach in 2020, exploring artificial intelligence functions, pioneering voice recognition, and much more. 



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