ACCC still looking for submissions on Fairfax, MRN merger

The ACCC is still accepting comments about the proposed Fairfax Radio, MRN merger from ‘interested parties’ despite the closing date now having closed. 

An  spokesperson for the Australian Competition & Consumer Comission today confirmed to radioinfo that the commission has continued to send requests to’ interested parties’ despite an official closing date of 3 February. 

“If anyone still has comments to make we will accept them,” said the spokesperson. “They should look at the merger register section of the ACCC website.” 

The ACCC has been pro-active in seeking comment and has written to various potentially interested parties, including community broadcasters. In a letter to comunity stations who take any form of programming from either Fairfax or MRN, the ACCC asks if they have any concerns about how such the affect on such content in terms of price or availability if the merger goes ahead.

The spokesperson said that a decision on the merger is expected on March 5. 

Asked whether he had any comment on MRN owner John Singleton’s statements regarding unnecessarily slow and bureaucratic processes surrounding the merger the spokesperson offered a polite, “no comment.”


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