AC/DC grilled on Triple M

Sydney’s Triple M Grill Team, spoke to ACDC members Brian Johnson and Angus Young about drummer Phil Rudd, describing him as being in a strange place..

Young was asked about the huge controversy surrounding Rudd; “We had a few problems ourselves before he got into this situation. There was a lot of strange behaviour going on.” Young said.

“I guess you could put it down to him just not showing up for a lot of what we were doing and when you have to get to a stage where you have to convince someone to be there, you know it wears thin after a while – but it’s something we have to resolve.”

They also discussed the old days of growing up in Burwood, playing in Sydney with Bon Scott, the new album and their favourite Acca Dacca songs, albums and riffs.

“…There’s eleven tracks on the new album, all very short and punchy – was that deliberate?” questioned Gus.

 “Yeah it was. I guess it goes back to the time of the sixties when the songs were short and sweet…they all pack that power into a few minutes….that’s what we wanted, we just wanted to pack as much punch into each track as we done.” Young replied


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