ACMA finds 2VTR not doing enough to encourage community participation

2VTR, communtiy radio station in Windsor, NSW has been issued remedial directions from the Australian Communications and Media Authority after it was found to be in breach of a licence condition requiring it to encourage community participation in the operations of the station.

This licence condition is a key point of difference between community broadcasting services and other categories of broadcasting service.

It is important that community broadcasters encourage community participation in their operations and have sound corporate governance practices, that they value and promote membership and volunteering, and have an effective and transparent committee structure.

2VTR was given an extended period in which to fix its problems voluntarily. However, as the problems persisted, the ACMA issued remedial directions requiring 2VTR, among other things, to:

  • develop a community consultation strategy and structured engagement program with a view to increasing membership and participation;
  • clarify the rules around membership and the way that membership applications are dealt with; and
  • report back to the ACMA on progress.

If 2VTR fails to comply with the remedial directions outlined within the specified timeframe, the ACMA may take further action, including, potentially, suspending or cancelling the licence.


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