Advice for on-air talent as Dean Buchanan launches Plus1

Talent should be clear on their “goals, dreams and aspirations,” says Dean Buchanan, who has just launched a new concept in talent management with Karen Eck, called Plus1. “What Karen and I are able to do is individualise a strategic plan and help guide the day to day, as well as the big picture,” he has told radioinfo. 



A veteran of the radio industry, Buchanan was Group Programming Director for dmg Radio Australia for 10 years, and was responsible for establishing the Nova Network. As part of the role, he identified, coached and managed many of Australia’s leading radio stars.


Teaming with Karen Eck, who is highly skilled in media relations, publicity and branding, the pair believe their unique approach to talent management fills a gap in the market.


Buchanan tells radioinfo that Plus1’s “point of difference is that we have both worked at the top of our respective fields and at the coal face and can offer advice both at a strategic brand level and individual performance and coaching level.”


“We have both worked closely with some of the country’s biggest names and helped develop them from “risks” to “outstanding performers”…and in Karen’s case she has worked with some of the world’s biggest names, like Oprah, so we have some experience and skin in the game!”



Plus1 is a highly selective agency and will limit the number of clients at any one time to ensure they receive the proactive support and strategic guidance they need. The talent agency launches with two foundation clients: Host of The Voice and The Voice Radio Show on Nova, Darren McMullen; and Sami Lukis, co-host of the drive program on the Mix Network in Sydney and Melbourne


“We give talent solid strategic advice to help them achieve their goals. We’re able to bring new deals to the table, handle media issues and opportunities on the spot, provide performance coaching and keep talent on track and focused,” says Karen Eck.


Their joint partnership in Plus1 operates alongside their established businesses. Dean Buchanan is founder of Greenfern Entertainment consultancy and co-owner of TV Touring; Karen Eck is managing director of publicity agency eckfactor  and its digital PR and content division perfeckt.