AFTRS coordinator pursues music career

AFTRS Radio Division Coordinator Christine Kirkwood has left her job to concentrate full time on her music career.
The talented singer/ songwriter has been enjoying her passion outside of her role at AFTRS, but now feels its time to give it more attention, with an innovative approach using crowd funding.
Since being placed in the Top 5 Sydney bands by James Valentine in ABC’s EXHUMED competition in 2013 (audio here), she has been spurred on to take things further, and is now working on a full-length album.

“Being part of Exhumed was just the inspiration I needed to fuel the fire. After working hard on my music for the past five years gigging around Sydney I feel it’s time to get serious! I’ve got a few releases under my belt, which I self-penned and self-funded.

“I’ve grown a loyal fanbase and met amazing people from all walks of life. I’m now I asking if they want to come on the adventure with me and be part of something truly unique.”

Kirkwood, who performs under her stage name Christine Jane, has launched a Pozible campaign where supporters can pre-order the album and other goodies in order to fund it. Watch her pitch video and get involved here:
You can see Christine Jane in action at The Green Room in Enmore at a FREE GIG on Sunday 9th February from 6.30pm. Facebook event here.
“I’m going to miss working at AFTRS but I won’t be away for long as I’m studying music for the screen there this year! So I’m really excited about that.”

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