AFTRS students reunite on-air

Finding the right co-host for a new brekky show can be a struggle. Will there be chemistry? How long will it take to get to know each other and form a bond? How can we be sure they’re not really a serial killer?

The struggle is real but it’s made a lot easier when the pair already know each other.

As fate would have it, the new brekky show in Wagga Wagga have had a past life together; studying and working together at AFTRS in 2013.

Michael “Whitto” Whittington and Ash Blucher spent that year learning the radio business and co-hosting several pop up stations together.

They then went their separate ways, with Michael getting a workday gig at Star FM in Wagga and Ashleigh moving down the Coast to Power FM in Bega.

Two years and two ACRA’s later, Ashleigh has ditched the ocean for the home of the Chiko Roll and joined Whitto on the Breakfast show on Star FM Wagga Wagga.

What comes next will be a unique blend of made up facts, attempts at humour and bugging locals in the Riverina…

And the best part? Whitto is fairly certain already that Ash isn’t a serial killer… he thinks.
Whitto and Ash are waking up the Riverina on Star FM from 5:30am Monday to Friday and occasionally on Sunday when they forget what day it is.

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