Alex Dyson shares moving tribute to his mum ahead of Mother’s Day

In a very special episode of the Matt & Alex All Day Breakfast podcast, Alex Dyson shares a moving tribute to his mum, who passed away when his was just four years old.

Alex and Matt Okine, long-time hosts of Matt & Alex All Day Breakfast, share a special bond, having both lost their mums to breast cancer when they were young boys; Alex when he was four and Matt when he was twelve.

Recently, Alex shared some very special audio that his family has long-held dear; a cassette tape recording that Alex’s mum Helen created in the months just prior to her passing in 1992. She wanted to share her thoughts and special messages with Alex and his younger sister Katherine.

The episode is an extraordinary tribute to Alex’s mum and a poignant reminder to say the things you want to say this Mother’s Day.


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