Alexa, who sings this song on Nova?

NOVA Entertainment has launched a unique, voice-activated experience for the Nova audience, with the release of an Amazon Alexa skill.

The innovative move sees NOVA Entertainment lead the industry in offering a unique and interactive voice experience for listeners.

With the availability of Nova on Alexa, listeners will be able to interact with a live radio broadcast via voice commands, such as ‘Alexa, tell nova I don’t like this song,’  ‘Alexa, tell nova to play the latest Fitzy & Wippa podcast’

Through Alexa, listeners will be able to ask Nova ‘Who sings this song?, What song is this?’ and ‘What show am I listening to?’

Users will also be able to switch between live broadcast radio and on-demand (catch-up) audio, allowing them to browse through the network’s library of top-rated shows, and even tell Nova which shows they like or dislike.

As new technology allowing the use of voice to interact with our phones and smart speakers becomes more prevalent, the way we listen to audio is destined to evolve in response to new opportunities. NOVA Entertainment is well-placed to lead a new voice-activated journey, changing the way Australian listeners interact with radios in cars, at home and on the move.

The company’s vision is to transform the way people listen to radio, by delivering an interactive, connected and personalised experience that provides an easy way for the audience to listen to what they want, when they want. This is a significant evolution for NOVA Entertainment’s audio products in radio and podcast.

In the coming months, NOVA Entertainment will release new capabilities to further enhance the user’s experience and introduce unique advertising propositions for clients. With Google’s audio platform, Home, also part of their digital voice plans, NOVA views interactive radio as an exciting new way to engage with our audience, while providing a unique advertising platform for clients.

Fayad Tohme, NOVA Entertainment’s Chief Digital Officer says:, “Smart speakers, voice UX and constantly-improving AI voice services are becoming increasingly important for audio publishers. The mass adoption of voice-enabled devices and conversational experiences is accelerating – with audio content consumption a key driver to its growth. NOVA Entertainment’s ambition is to become the Australian market leader in conversational experiences.”
This relationship with Alexa is another addition to NOVA Entertainment’s digital portfolio and represents a further diversification into new, future-facing platforms that include GOAT, the mobile-only, millennial platform, as well as the company’s partnership with Acast to become the biggest commercial podcast player in Australia.

The Nova Alexa skill is available here.



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