Ali Clarke leaves ABC Radio Adelaide, but what is next in the mix for her?

Ali Clarke has left her top rating breakfast program a ABC Radio Adelaide, breaking the news to her colleagues last Friday.

There has been speculation that she might join the Mix 102.3 breakfast program following reported rumblings of discontent surrounding Erin Phillips and her co-host Mark Soderstrom, but neither Clarke or Mix would confirm the move.

A spokesperson for Mix said the station had no changes to announce.

Clarke told Adelaide’s Sunday Mail, “My immediate focus is having some time off and time away and I will look forward to whatever comes next.

“I always say that going to AM from FM is like telling a netballer to play basketball because the ball is round but it’s a totally different set of skills.

“I had always worked with an on-air team and this was the first time I was doing it by myself which was really challenging.

“When I spoke to (co-host) David Bevan on Friday he said ‘I get how lonely it can be behind the mic by yourself sometimes’. But the listeners become your co-host in AM, and my one regret is that I haven’t been able to say goodbye to them on air”.

UPDATE: Ali Clarke makes the move to Mix in Adelaide

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