All eyes on Melbourne for Survey 7

Traditionally, the last couple of surveys each year are designed to confound content/program directors.

Just after major talent has been axed to make way for new blood, more often than not, said talent has a blinder of a result – such is the radio gods’ sense of humour.

Nowhere will their gaze be more focused than on KIIS 101.1 in Melbourne where veteran broadcasters Matt Tilley and Meshel Laurie have been sacked in favour of a little known Kiwi couple Jase & PJ

Whatever the result of that venture, it will change, yet again, the fluid dynamic of the market. To add, perhaps even more instability, the KIIS Drive show which rated 7.2 in Survey 6 with Hughesy and Kate is moving up the street to Fox to replace Hamish & Andy who were pulling around 50% more in audience share.

As the trend graphs for the survey year-to-date show, only 3AW, smooth and GOLD can be considered stable or trending upwards. For everyone else, it’s game on.

Survey 7 puts us midway through the final quarter for the year as we put another layer on the trend charts. Find out the score for all metro markets first on radioinfo tomorrow morning at 9:30.