Analysis: Survey 6 2015

Smooth continues to grow, with a significant jump in Melbourne this survey. Hamish and Andy are paying dividends for the Hit network across Australia.

Our analysis of networks and cities is below.

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Southern Cross Austereo

Today’s hit Network

Another great day for Today’s hit network with four out of five stations up again. However, the forward momentum seems to have stalled at 2Day in Sydney where the station has slipped back to a 4.0 share overall with Breakfast on 3.1. Hamish & Andy on Drive managed to buck the downhill trend by putting on 0.3 from last time to return easily the highest rating shift on the station (6.8) but still well behind their main competitors Hughesy and Kate on KIIS and Nova’s Kate, Tim and Marty – not to mention smooth’s Byron Webb on an 8.1 share.

Things get better, much better, for the hit network in the other capital cities.

In Melbourne, FOX kicked away from the FM pack climbing to a 9.2 share overall making it number three overall in that city and 1.1 ahead of next best, GOLD. Every shift rose with the biggest contribution coming from Hamish & Andy – up 2.3 to gain the number one spot overall in Drive with a 12.8 share.

Brisbane managed a 1.2 spurt overall helped along by 2.9 gain by (you guessed it) Hamish & Andy who are now in #2 in that city behind Hughesy & Kate in Drive.

There’ll be no complaints in Adelaide either with a healthy 1.5 uptick overall, a nice gain in brekky and… surprise, surprise a 1.7 gain in Drive.

It was a similar story in Perth. Station up 1.1. Drive up 2.6. It is here, in Perth perhaps, where the Drive shift is most intriguing. Number one is Kate Tim and Marty on 16.3. Two is Hamish& Andy on 15.4 but Hughesy and Kate on 96FM actually shed audience to arrive at a lowly 7.3

Triple M Network

As a network, the Mighty M’s eased back a bit with only Brisbane bucking the trend. In that city, Triple M waxed 0.9 with good gains in all shifts.

Although the station in Melbourne slipped back to a 7.4, that was offset (at least for SCA upper management) with a 9.2 for FOX.

There were similar downward trends in other cities – strange for a football survey – but as long as they own blokes, which they do, all remains well for The Ms.


Nova Entertainment


What’s to say? smoothfm has arrived. While consolidating its place in Sydney on an 8.0 share, in Melbourne it gained 1.3 to reach a 7.7 putting it ahead of KIIS, Triple M and, stable mate Nova100.


Good result for Nova in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth for Nova while the brand lost ground in Brisbane and Adelaide.

Most of the interest revolves around Kate, Tim and Marty locked in the battle for Drive with Hamish & Andy and Hughesy & Kate.

Here’s how they stack up city by city:

K,T&M win in Sydney ahead of H&K, then H&A.

They come second in Melbourne behind H&A with H&K 3rd.

Brisbane: H&K 1st, H&A 2nd, K,T&M 3rd.

Adelaide: H&K 1st, H&A 2nd, K,T&M 3rd

Perth: K,T&M 1st, H&A 2nd, H&K 3rd

Australian Radio Network

KIIS Network

A kind of a ‘meh’ day for KIIS. While the ship has steadied in Sydney with a modest rise in Breakfast and in station share, a 7.5 result overall is perhaps a little less than ARN would like for their flagship station given that their aim is to be number one in each capital city.

They’ve got bigger problems in Melbourne though, where the KIIS station has sunk to a 5.9 share overall and coming last in the commercial FM race. Great chunks have fallen off every shift with the biggest (-1.7) dropping off Drive leaving Hughesy & Kate a poor equal fourth (3rd FM) with sister station GOLD in that shift.

Brisbane’s 97.3 FM fared much better, recording their 6th consecutive number one for the year despite a -0.8 result. Adelaide, though, remains dominated by MIX 102.3.

In Perth the freshly rebranded 96FM has not yet grown on W.A. listeners with the station a distant number 5 in the market behind Mix, hit, Nova and triple j.

GOLD Network

Overall the GOLD Network shed share with only Brisbane’s venerable 4KQ staying rock steady on an 8.4 share.

In Sydney, ARN might have achieved its aims with KIIS #1 FM (7.5) and WSFM #2 FM (7.3) if it weren’t for that pesky smoothfm which has held on to the #1 FM spot (8.0). Still WSFM can boast the #1 FM Breakfast show with Jonesy and Amanda edging out running mates Kyle & Jackie O at #2.

In Melbourne, GOLD suffered a small loss but retained a respectable 8.0 share and second in the FM stakes behind FOX.

Adelaide’s CRUISE1323 on the AM band shed 1.5 but between it and MIX102.3, ARN owns almost a quarter of all listeners in the that market, so it’s doubtful they’d be too fussed.


MRN/Fairfax and other Talk

3AW, up 1.7. 2GB down 0.4. Both stations remain clear leaders in their respective markets of Melbourne and Sydney..

Alan Jones celebrates an astonishing 190 survey wins while Melbourne Breakfast counterparts Ross Stevenson and John Burns have racked up their 110th. Ray Hadley is no slouch either with 91.

Sydney’s 2UE picked itself up off the canvas with Breakfast team John Stanley and Garry Linnell returning a 6.0 share – which hasn’t been seen for a long, long time at UE. Despite some poor daytime performances the Breakfast result along with a strong showing from George & Paul and Tim Webster on the weekends was enough to lift the station by 0.2 to a 5.1 share overall. Will it be enough for the Fairfax/MRN entity to persist with the format into next year?

In Brisbane, 4BC continues its slow climb with a 0.2 increment to land on a 5.9 share, overall. FIVEaa which is owned by Nova but is repped by MRN was pretty steady on a highly respectable 11.5 share. In Perth, 6PR remained solid on 8.4.

Melbourne’s talk station SEN, lost 0.3, putting on a 4.0 share during a footy season – still an improvement may come as more of the final weeks are included in next survey.

Sydney’s SKY Sports Radio returned just 0.8 overall.

MRN Music

It was pretty much steady as she goes for Sydney’s 2CH (up 0.1 to 4.5), Melbourne’s Magic 1278 (up 0.1 to 3.7) and Brisbane’s Magic 882 (down 02 to 4.7).


Local Radio

It’s a better showing this time than last for ABC Local Radio.

The Sydney market returned its best result with a 1.0 rise for 702 to bring it up to an 8.9 share – enough for 2nd place in the market behind 2GB.

Brisbane’s 612 did even better with a 1.2 gain for a 9.8 share but in that music driven market that only puts it in equal 4th place with hit 105.3.

Melbourne’s 774 edged up by 0.1 to remain #2 on 10.3 behind 3AW.

Adelaide’s 891 was steady on 10.1 while Perth’s 720 lost 1.1 to be on 9.1 overall.

triple j 

As usual, the j’s top result was in Perth where they went up slightly to land on a 10.4 share for 4th place overall.

They went up in Sydney too for a very competitive 7.3 which makes them equal #3 FM with WS – well ahead of Nova and KIIS.

Melbourne saw 3jjj shed 0.4 to land on a 5.9.

In Brisbane they sustained a massive 2.2 hit to go from a 9.0 share to a 6.8 while in Adelaide they eased back from a 7.5 share to a 7.3





Talk stations 2GB and ABC702 are the top two stations in Sydney. 2GB slipped fractionally, down 0.4 to 12.8%. ABC702 had the biggest gain of the survey, up 1.0 share points to 8.9%.
Smoothfm was third, rock steady on 8.2%, followed by KIIS, up 0.3 to 7.5%.
WS and triple j tied for fifth place, with triple j up 0.3 and WS down 0.3, both scoring 7.3% overall.
In other movements, Hit network station 2Day was down in Sydney, but rose in most other cities. 2UE crept up over the 5% mark, Triple M dropped 0.5, Nova increased by 0.1.
Nova won 18-24s, triple j won 18-39s, Ws won 40-54s, 2Gb won the over 55s.
2GB won breakfast ahead of ABC702 then WSFM. 2GB won all other shifts except drive, which was won by ABC702.

It was a volatile survey in Melbourne during the AFL finals season. 3AW increased its audience significantly, with a jump of 1.7 share points putting it four points ahead of nearest rival ABC774.
ABC774, in second place, gained 0.1 to 10.3%. Other footy coverage stations were not as lucky, with SEN and Triple M both slipping this survey.
KIIS and Triple M had the biggest falls of the survey, KIIS slipping 1.3 to 5.9%, relegated to the bottom of the commercial FM music rankings. Triple M dropped 1.1 to 7.4%.
Third placed Fox had a good survey, up 0.9 to 9.2%, thanks to an increase in drive. Fourth placed Gold FM slipped 0.3 to 8.1%.
Smooth FM moved up into fifth place thanks to a strong increase of 1.3 share points to 7.7% overall.

Nova won 10-17s, Fox won 18-24s, triple j won 25-39s, 3AW won the over 40 demographics.

3AW won breakfast ahead of ABC774. 3AW won all other shifts except drive, which was won by Fox.


Hit105 and ABC612 scored the biggest increases of this survey, both gaining 1.2 share points. Triple j had the biggest drop, down 1.8 to 7.1%.
First placed 97.3 retained its market lead despite slipping 0.8 to 12.5% overall.
Second placed Nova dropped significantly, down 1.6 to 10.9%. Third placed Triple M rose by 0.9 share points to 10.3%.
ABC612 and Hit 105 tied for fourth place, with both stations gaining 1.2 to score 9.8%. 4KQ was next, steady on 8.4%.
Nova won 10-17s, Hit won 18-24s, Nova won 25-39s, 97.3 won 40-54s, 4KQ won 55-64s and ABC612 won the over 65s.
ABC612 won breakfast ahead of 97.3. Triple M won mornings and afternoons, 97.3 won drive, evenings and weekends.

Cruise and Nova had the biggest falls this survey, Cruise losing 1.5 to 8.2%, and Nova dropping 1.2. Hit and Radio National had the biggest gains, with Hit up 1.5 and Radio National increasing by one share point.
First placed Mix 102.3 gained 0.7 to consolidate its lead on 15.2%. Second placed 5AA lost 0.2 to 11.5%.
Nova slipped into third place after dropping 1.2 share points to 10.5%. ABC891 was steady in fourth place on 10.1%, followed by Hit 107 on 9.3%.
Nova won 10-17s, Hit won 18-24s, triple j won 25-39s, Mix won 40-64s and ABC891 won the over 65s.
Mix won breakfast ahead of ABC891 and 5AA. Mix won mornings, afternoons, drive and weekends. 5AA won evenings.

Hit had the biggest rise and ABC720 had the biggest fall this survey in Perth.
First placed Mix 94.5 rose 0.1 to 14.3, comfortably holding its top spot.
Second placed Nova gained 0.4 to 12.1%.
Hit 92.9 jumped into third place with a gain of 1.1, moving it up to 11.0% overall.
Triple j was fourth, up 0.2 to 10.4%, followed by 96fm on 9.4%, down 0.8. ABC720 lost 1.1, falling out of the top 5 to 9.1%.
Nova won 10-17s, Hit won 18-24s, triple j won 25-39s, Mix won 40-64s and ABC720 won the over 65s.
Nova won breakfast, just ahead of Mix and ABC720.  Mix won mornings and afternoons, Nova won drive, ABC720 won evenings and Mix won weekends.



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