24 hour marathon to save the Tassie Devil

On Sunday 4th of October three students from 3SSR (Swinburne Student Radio) Jonathan Boadle, Hamish Ikin and Matt Young will broadcast for 24 hours straight.

The boys are undertaking the marathon to raise funds and awareness for the Save The Tasmanian Devil Appeal.  

When the clock strikes 12pm on October 5th the boys are hoping to have raised $2400, $100 for every hour they’re on radio.  

3SSR has been broadcasting from Swinburne since the 70’s, but due to frequent funding cuts 3SSR has had to move from the FM band to online which the boys say works incredibly well for their marathon.

“The good thing about broadcasting online is that anyone with access to the internet anywhere in the world get access to the marathon and everything that comes with it.”

Boadle and Ikin have a show every Wednesday night from 6-7pm on 3SSR called Ham and Boads Sandwich a playful homage to their younger days of working at Subway in Tasmania.  With a combined experience of 5 years on radio this is sure to be their biggest challenge yet.

You can donate here.

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