Applying for competition permits with TPAL

Radio stations often run competitions.

Many of these are chance based, which require the winner(s) to be selected randomly.

These types of competitions (games of chance) are heavily regulated and involve strict compliance obligations, to provide entrants with transparency and confidence that the competition has integrity. It’s good for the consumers, but sometimes a headache for station promotions departments that have to ensure compliance.

Each individual state and territory in Australia has separate rules, causing added confusion and complexity. If a competition is national (any resident of Australia is eligible to enter), the radio station must generally comply with the requirements of each individual state and territory. There are inconsistencies between the individual regulations, and the rules sometimes change, making it is difficult to know what to do.

Some states (ACT, SA, NSW and sometimes NT) generally require the promoter to obtain a permit before they can conduct the competition. There are heavy fines for non-compliance and audits do occur.

A new service, TPAL offers organisations, including radio stations, an online tool and service which helps them apply for these permits and at the same time ensuring compliance across states.

Benefits of the online service include:

– Ability to check instantly whether one or more permits is required
– Apply online using one form across states (this is especially useful when multiple permits are required) – Easy and guided form tells the user what they need to do
– Ability to generate the terms & conditions using the information from the permit application
– Keep records in one spot for audit purposes
– Reuse past applications to apply for new permits (making the process faster) – Receive automatic email reminders about important compliance tasks

Once the online application is submitted with TPAL it is reviewed and then lodged with the state(s). TPAL then manages the process (answering any questions the state(s) may have) and ensures that fast approval(s) is granted.

Radio stations requiring assistance can contact TPAL via the support line, 1300 123 600 or via the website options (there is a messaging system and a help form). 


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