How a train of thought can translate into $95,000: I still can’t believe it!

Those were the words of Effie, a Melbourne primary school teacher, after she correctly guessed the four smooth stars voices and won the $95,000 cash jackpot.

Yesterday Effie was in the midst of the morning school run when her call was answered. After calling “at least 200 times the day before,” she was ecstatic when Ty Frost, smoothfm announcer, confirmed her guess of Marlon Jackson and awarded her the life-changing amount of money.

The four famous smooth star voices in order were Shelley Long, Tony Danza, Gordon Ramsay and Jackson sibling, Marlon Jackson.

The regular smoothfm listener pulled up in front of her children’s school to celebrate her victory. Her previous calls were all met without success but she didn’t give up and was in the end rewarded with the jackpot. Her husband of 24 years Alex, couldn’t believe it when she called to tell him the good news and her three children have already began to plan what they will do with the winnings.

Effie plans to get a new car and give her old car to daughter when she gets her licence. The money will let them landscape their garden, help cover school fees and allow oldest daughter, to study Psychology at University next year stress-free.

Effie is the 30th major winner of smooth stars and smooth stars express, a competition which has given away over a million dollars in the last three years on smoothfm. 

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