Are you cape-able?

The month formally known as April is transformed with the swirling of a cape.

CAPRIL – now in its eighth year, encourages participants to wear a cape in everyday situations. Folk impressed by the attire on friends and strangers alike, are asked to donate funds to beyondblue, to support Australians living with depression and anxiety and their families. 

Wearing a cape in everyday – from ordering a morning coffee, at a desk, doing the photocopying to walking the dog – any time of day, to engage fellow members of the public in a discussion about depression.

The cape need not be anything too elaborate. A simple bath towel will attract curious onlookers, then a conversation can take place.

Month long wearing of capes…

The idea for Capril comes from the ‘Get This’ radio show – hosted by Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee with Richard Marsland “on the buttons”.

Listeners, guests and the hosts participated by cape-ing up through the month. Encouraging listeners to send in evidence of themselves in capes doing everyday activities.

When panel-operator and more… Richard Marsland passed away due to depression, many wished to honour his memory.

From this, Capril became a way of raising the issues related to depression. Angus McLaren (VIC) started the month long event as an awareness campaign in 2009, it continues this year with help from Yvan J Drake (VIC) and John Murch (SA).

Support is also given from many well known Australians, who across the month will be seen caped up in public.

While the top priority of the cape wearing is raising awareness, Capril also raising funds for beyondblue. Donations will help beyondblue continue its work increasing awareness of depression, anxiety and suicide prevention and empowering Australians to seek support when they’re doing it tough. Last year the event raised more than $10,000 for beyondblue.

Further details on the month can be found here.


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