ARN launches interactive audio advertising on iHeart digital music service



ARN has launched interactive advertising technology ‘ShakeMe’ across iHeartRadio, via an audio ad format launched in December last year by Californian tech company AdsWizz.

When listeners hear a ShakeMe advertisement – with a tailored call to action – they will be able to shake their device which will either trigger a phone call, download a coupon or open a landing when they next unlock their phone.
ShakeMe advertisements are designed so that consumers can engage directly with specialised ads without the need to unlock their phones, click through or even look at their screen.
Geraint Davies COO of iHeartRadio Australia said: “There is massive penetration of mobile ownership in Australia and a rapid migration of radio listening onto digital platforms like iHeartRadio.

“When you combine those things with the ShakeMe technology, which allows advertisers to give consumers the control to instantly interact further with the brand while listening to their ad with just a simple shake of their phone, you have an incredibly powerful marking tool.”
Listen to a sample ShakeMe advertisement below. 


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