ARN’s Duncan Campbell won’t rule out rebranding Mix 101.1 as KIIS

KIIS FM has been a huge success in Sydney, so why not Melbourne?

Of course, there are lots of reasons, starting with the fact that it was not the name change but Kyle and Jackie O’s defection from 2Day that made the difference to the ailing Mix 106.5. But no one has ever been successful networking a Breakfast show to another city – especially from Sydney to Melbourne.

As ARN Programming Chief, Duncan Campbell told radioinfo, “There are deeper issues that need to be addressed (at Mix 101.1) that go past just Breakfast.”

While that could be taken to mean that a name and format change may be in store for Mix 101.1, even without Kyle and Jackie O, Campbell insists, “There’s been no decision made on that. Any discussions we’ve had to date have been more in relation to what we might need to do behind the scenes, strategically, to make sure the station’s better positioned next year.”

Yet, he won’t rule a rebrand out either, “Nothing’s off the table but it’s too early to start speculating about KIIS next year in Melbourne, we’re currently focused on the rest of the year for Mix and getting ready for next year.”

Is he saying that the Michael Bodey article in The Australian was pure speculation? Not exactly. He says, “The context was correct. The comments I made were on survey day in relation to the fact that we’re obviously disappointed about the Mix 101.1. People are entitled to speculate about what might happen. But we haven’t made any firm decisions about what we’re going to do in 2015.”

So, there you have it from the man himself. Mix Melbourne absolutely definitely might or might not rebrand as KIIS with or without Kyle and Jackie O. 

Either way, it’s a dead set cert.

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