Ash, Luttsy & Susie Git Up

Ash, Luttsy & Susie have put their best left feet forward, and proved they that as dancers, they make good radio announcers.
As viral dance trends sweep the world faster than the flu, with kids are doing the ‘Dab’ one day and ‘flossing’ the next, the Nova 106.9’s breakfast team took a different approach to the latest craze which has seen millions sharing their moves online.
The trio took to a recreated 1960’s Brisbane Living Room and wore outfits befitting a scene from the new Tarantino movie to do their version of the ‘Git Up’ challenge, a step-by-step dance routine set to Blanc Brown’s smash hit which could take out the ‘nutbush’ at weddings across Australia this summer.

Meanwhile Kip is on paternity leave and probably happier to change nappies than to do the ‘cowboy-boogie’ in a pair of flares.




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