Aussie men are evolving, so is Triple M: Mike Fitzpatrick tells #RDE17

Triple M is evolving along with Australian males, according to Triple M’s Mike Fitzpatrick at Radio Days Europe.

The station has been an iconic traditional male brand for decades, but Fitzpatrick told the story of how Triple M realised there is now a change in male attitudes and that it needed to respond to that.

Fitzpatrick commissioned research to understand the change in male attitudes and found that there are three segment in the male population in Australia these days:

Steadfast: He is aware of the change of masculinity, but it’s not really his thing, he wants to stay the way he is. This segment makes up about 45% of Aussie population and is declining, but they used to make up a very large segment of the Triple M audience.

Discover: He is open minded and self aware, hears other opinions, is willing to fail and learn, and is consciously readjusting.

Embrace: Gender doesn’t matter go this segment. He thinks that people are defined by who they are as a person not their gender. Masculinity has evolved for this male. Triple M was under represented with this segment.

To expand the audience and to evolve just like the male population, Triple M is actively targeting the Discover segment to rebalance its audience.

One of the ways the station is evolving with its audience is hiring or developing talent that resonates with the new audience: “Find the right talent that fits the brand, for example Gus Worland, ran a great awareness campaign called the Man Up challenge, after a friend of his committed suicide. He is an example of a presenter who has changed and embraced the new masculinity… Jimmy Barnes has also been enlisted by the station for a new campaign called A Better Man.”

Another strategy is to take a position, says Fitzpatrick. “Triple M has always worn its heart on its sleeve, we just need to change what we are talking about.” He gave examples of how the station took a position against Donald Trump’s comments about women. “We stand for something, but it’s not this guy… he is not a good bloke,” was the tone of the campaign.

What is the profile of Triple M’s new man? Mike explained.


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