Austereo Adelaide manager attacked

Stalkers, crazies and obsessed fans are all part of radio, as they are with most media industries. Seldom does this become serious. But this week an executive at Austereo Adelaide was attacked with a hammer by an unknown assailant when he came out to talk to the man who was hanging around outside the building. The matter is under investigation and an Austereo spokesperson has told radioinfo: “we are always concerned about the safety and wellbeing of our staff and we are confident the police will resolve this matter quickly.”


A man, wearing a black leather bomber jacket, aged around 40, 167 cms tall, with black hair and grey stubble, attacked the manager outside the SAFM and Triple M studios in Greehill Rd Adelaide on Tuesday afternoon. The manager came out to ask him what he was doing after staff observed suspicious behaviour.


A claw hammer was used in the attack and the manager had to be taken to hospital for treatment.  Adelaide Hospital has confirmed to radioinfo that the manager was treated for a head wound and then discharged.


The attacker is still at large and was last seen riding a brown and grey mountain bike away from the station.