Australian chocolate voiced vixen makes good in Hollywood

Remember Ella James… who used to be known as Deb Elsworth?


The former Sydney based radio presenter has spent the past three years living in LA doing voiceovers and acting. Billed as a “chocolate voiced vixen” she’s been making a pretty good fist of it. Among her accolades, Ella is the GPS voice in Denso systems heard in 75% of cars internationally.

Most recently, Ella’s launched her own podcast called Take Fountain. “I was encouraged to do a podcast,” she tells radioinfo. “At first I thought…wow, didn’t I leave all that behind? But every interview is reminding me of those fabulous radio days and the wonder of storytelling.”

So far she’s been able to attract some of the most interesting storytellers in Hollywood including Michael Apted, one of the prolific Directors of his generation with titles such as Coal Miners Daughter, Gorillas in the Mist, The World Is Not Enough and the famed 7UP series to his credit.

You can listen below to the full interview or, at least, the introduction which tells the fascinating story behind the name “Take Fountain.”

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