Australian Talent Index releases top broadcast personalities for 2024

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee are the two radio hosts in this year’s top ten most popular broadcast personalities list, according to the Australian Talent Index’s 2024 Top Talent Report released today.

The report showcases the latest findings of the Australian Talent Index – a talent measurement system that gauges consumers’ awareness, attitudes, and sentiments towards a range of Australian talent, including celebrities, actors, broadcasters, sports stars, and politicians.

A sample of more than 7,000 Australians were surveyed by Lewers Research since the report’s inception, rating more than 400 personalities, and providing comments on how they felt about each one.

The index is calculated by subtracting the proportion of people who disliked a personality from those who liked or loved them, giving each a score ranging from -100 (universally disliked) through to +100 (universally liked).

Kyle Sandilands was considered Australia’s most controversial broadcaster, followed by Alan Jones.

KIIS FM radio host, Mitch Churi, who recently shared his weight loss journey to shed 40kgs, was named most relatable.

Fifi Box was dubbed the most likeable radio personality, and outside of radio – Robert Irwin was the most popular broadcast personality.

Top 10 Broadcast Media Talent 2024

  1. Robert Irwin       +46
  2. Hamish Blake     +38
  3. Andy Lee             +34
  4. Dr Chris Brown   +31
  5. Manu Feildel       +29
  6. Kitty Flanagan     +24
  7. Peter Overton     +22
  8. Ally Langdon       +20
  9. Natalie Barr         +20
  10. Sophie Monk       +19


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