Australia’s Filthiest Radio

triple j investigates.

The topic of dirty radios cropped up on triple j yesterday, following a conversation between presenter Alex Dyson and listener Ryan from Wollongong:

Alex: Not much happening in Wollongong today?
Ryan: Not a lot, mate. Pretty breezy as always and just tilin’ away.
Alex: Just putting those tiles in. Getting the grout settled as well, which is good to hear. What do you do when you’re doing the tiles, music-wise? You got triple j on all day?
Ryan: Just have triple j on all day.
Alex: Lovely, my friend. I see a lot of radios around work sites that get a bit of dirt on them. You get a bit of dust and everything in the wireless?
Ryan: Oh, mine’s putrid. Absolutely putrid.
Alex: I reckon we should run a competition: Australia’s Dirtiest Radio.

By the time Dyson and Ryn finished their chat, the triple j textline was bursting with pictures of filthy radios.  And since most were from work sites, Joe from Whittlesea helpully pointed out that they’re actually TradieOs™: radios belonging to tradies.

See the contenders for ‘Australia’s filthiest radio’ below.

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