Australia’s first automated radio holdings software

AudioNET’s RadioMATRIX is now compatible with the two new traffic systems being adopted by most of Australia’s major radio Networks.

On Tuesday, AudioNET’s RadioMATRIX delivered files from ARN’s new Wide Orbit traffic software into media agencies’ booking and billing systems.

AudioNET CEO Dave Cox says once again, the teamwork and trust between ARN, Australia’s media agencies and RadioMATRIX ensured the changeover went smoothly.

“To move from one software system to another can be fraught with difficulties. And automated booking confirmations for radio is still relatively new, so we were quite cautious. But everything on Tuesday happened just like the previous day.”

Cox said there’s no secret to successful technology implementation, in fact it’s the opposite.

“It’s about openness. We assume nothing and question everything. We’re experts at asking dumb questions – because that’s where the Agencies and Networks are usually miles apart.

“Little discrepancies like starting a week on a Sunday or a Monday can render software comatose,” said Cox.

Cox noted that over the past 12 months most of Australia’s major radio Networks have modernised their traffic software with either Aquira or Wide Orbit.

SCA which chose IBMS is still working through implementation.

The activity follows CRA’s determination to announce an industry-wide holdings system at this year’s National Radio Conference in Melbourne in October. 

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