Australia’s top satirists working on daily news-based comedy podcast pilots

Australia’s top satirists are teaming up to produce and release a pilot week of daily news-based comedy podcasts next week, with the hope of launching the format daily in 2020.

Mark Humphries (The Feed, ABC’s 730), Dan Ilic (A Rational Fear), Greta Lee Jackson (Tonightly with Tom Ballard) and special guest The Chaser’s Chris Taylor are among those joining showrunner/producer Dylan Behan (The Chaser, Tonightly) to present a week of daily pilot episodes under the banner of his podcast NEWS FIGHTERS from September 19 – 22.
Dylan Behan says, “There’s currently four daily news podcasts being made in Australia, but no damn funny ones. So I thought: let’s do a pilot week of comedy podcasts with different hilarious hosts every day in a shameless attempt to get a benevolent media organisation to fund us next year. Also doing a pilot week worked well for Channel Ten… right?”
“Since the axing of Tonightly with Tom Ballard, there’s a massive surplus of very brilliant and hungry comedy talent in Australia. LITERALLY hungry – they can’t afford to eat! So I figured maybe some of us highly skilled pisstakers can try and fill a gap in the Australian media landscape for irreverent daily wisecrackery? Or failing that is there any jobs going at The Bachelor?”
Expect irreverent analysis, intelligent piss-takes and a heavy dose of who-the-f**k knows what from Australia’s sharpest TV satirists, but in podcast form!



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