Ben & Liam leave triple j for Nova 91.9, Sally & Erica step up

Ben Harvey & Liam Stapleton finish up at triple j on Friday 1 November, having decided to take up another opportunity next year with Nova 91.9 in their hometown of Adelaide.
Reflecting on their time at triple j, Ben & Liam said “We’ve had an absolute blast at triple j. Never in our wildest dreams did we think two dweebs doing community radio in Adelaide would get a crack at a gig like this. Thanks for waking up with us, listening to our shit talk and sharing your stories, we’ll be forever grateful.”
Stepping into the role, the new hosts will be Sally Coleman and Erica Mallett who will begin on breakfast in 2020.
After getting their start hosting FBi Radio‘s hip hop show in 2015, Sally & Erica soon found themselves delivering a weekly hip hop segment on triple j Breakfast with Matt & Alex.
With their irreverent wit, it wasn’t long before Sally & Erica became regular voices on triple j, filling in on Breakfast, Drive, Good Nights, The Hip Hop Show, House Party and Summer Arvos, then in 2018, they took over Weekend Arvos.
Sally says: “We’re constantly blown away by how funny, smart, compassionate and often straight cooked triple j listeners are. They never cease to entertain and amaze us and we can’t wait to spend our mornings with a couple of million music-obsessed mates.”
Erica adds: “We both grew up with triple j and have so many great memories of singalongs in the car, Hottest 100 backyard parties and moshpit moments. It’s such a trip to be part of the next chapter.”
Looking forward to getting stuck in to triple j Breakfast, Sally & Erica say, We love making radio that makes you feel like you’re just chatting with your friends. We’re really pumped to get your stories, discover new stuff together, nerd out about music, and talk about the real shit and the dumb shit. Think Oprah Winfrey meets Flight of The Conchords.”
Ben & Liam will host a “unique and entertaining breakfast show, delivering more of the content that won over Triple J listeners” on their new station Nova 91.9 Adelaide.
Paul Jackson, NOVA Entertainment’s Chief Programming and Marketing Officer has told radioinfo: “Ben & Liam have proven themselves to be top class radio broadcasters. We’ve been watching their progress for some time and with recent announcements around our Adelaide breakfast show, the perfect opportunity has arisen for us to bring the boys back to their hometown of Adelaide. The guys have great chemistry, tell great stories and are laugh out loud funny. I’m sure the Nova Adelaide listeners are going to love them”.

Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton have carved out successful radio careers since meeting at Fresh 92.7 Adelaide community radio station. They hosted the Fresh breakfast show for three years before moving to Sydney in 2017 to take over from Matt Okine and Alex Dyson as hosts of Triple J’s national breakfast show.

Ben Harvey says working at Triple J “has been an incredible opportunity that we will never forget. Hopefully in 20 years people will still be abusing the current hosts telling them they miss the good ol’ days. Or maybe they just said that to us?

“Working at Nova has been something we’ve wanted to do ever since we started in radio. We can’t wait to start the next phase of our careers back home in God’s Country. Have they finished the road works on South Road yet? Has anyone driven onto the O Barn in a while? Is there a long line at the West End factory water refill station? I need to go home to answer these questions!!”

Liam Stapleton said: “We had an absolute blast at Triple J and still can’t believe they hired us. Don’t know how Nova have either, but hey we’ve signed now (suckers). We’re really looking forward to coming home to Adelaide. At night we dream of giant silver balls, even larger Scottish men on the side of motels and Tony Modra’s right foot. You can take the boys out of Adelaide, but you can’t take Adelaide out of the boys.”

Nova 919’s Ben & Liam breakfast show will launch in January 2020. 


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