Beverly Hills Cop, beers and bad jokes but no one cracks in WSFM cone of silence

Who talks more out of WSFM’s breakfast duo Jonesy and Amanda?
The show’s audience voted Jonesy the most talkative but when they tested who really had to talk the most by entering the cone of silence both managed to stay mum – though Jonesy was accused of making deliberate bodily noises and Amanda did inadvertently shout when a loud blast caught her off guard after three hours of silence.
In total the pair was stuck inside a room in the cone of silence for four hours with nothing but food for lunch and a series of random visits and interrptions from other station stars.
After three hours Amanda started plaiting Jonesy’s hair before they were given beers to drink, barraged with a series of terrible jokes and played a remix of the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack.
The pair stayed strong right til the end, refusing afternoon tea to re-enact Titanic while “My Heart Will Go On” blasted at them.
Check out the pair talking about the experience here:

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