Booing saga heats up the airwaves

The Adam Goodes booing issue has done its rounds on radio in the past 24 hours with controversy hitting both Alan Jones and SEN.

Dermott Brereton called into SEN Melbourne to defend himself from Daily Telegraph journalist Rebecca Wilson, after interpreting her remarks against him as being defamatory.

Wilson was criticising Brereton for his publicly voiced opinion on whether Goodes should be booed by AFL crowds.

The exchange got increasingly fiery as it when on, with Brereton threatening legal action against Wilson.

Listen to the audio below. Brereton calls in at 11:48.


This morning Alan Jones took to Channel 7’s Sunrise to voice his opinion labelling Goodes as always playing the “victim”.

He continued, “Then he became Australian of the Year and tells us that we’re all racists. Every time he speaks, Australia is a racist nation.”

Jones pointed to that fact that there are 71 indigenous players, while Goodes seems to be the only one attracting booing.

“They’re booing Adam Goodes because they don’t like him and they don’t like his behaviour.”

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