Brazil wins Cannes Grand Prix, three Australian Radio ads pick up prizes

If it were Olympics, we’d be pretty disappointed at picking up just three medals when last year we bagged six. Still, this year we managed a Gold Lion and two bronze while last year it was three silvers and three bronze, but the difference can be explained by a quirk of timing. The gold siren winner won the Gold Lion at Cannes last year, but timing meant the two competitions overlapped, so it could not be entered again. This year’s lone gold went to the radio specialist agency, Eardrum for it’s anti-bullying campaign. The two bronze were both awarded to Leo Burnett, Sydney for a Bundaberg Rum series. 


The meager prize haul was particularly disappointing as Australia had sent a total of 90 radio entries to Cannes, up from 72 the year before, for a lesser result. With other media included, Australia as a whole scored a national best with a haul of 59 medals.

The Grand Prix winner, which was seen by some as less of an ad than a promotion, came from Brazil. It was for an outdoor magazine. You be the judge …