Broadcast Bionics wins Queens Award for PhoneBOX

A small UK based company specialising in broadcast solutions has won a prestigious Queen’s Award for business performance.

The company, Broadcast Bionics is well known in the radio industry for its flagship product PhoneBOX .

Since its introduction to Australia in 2003, PhoneBOX has grown to be used in more than 20 capital city stations in all Australian mainland capitals, and in Auckland, NZ.

Broadcast Bionics is represented exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by Techtel Pty Limited.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the UK’s most prestigious awards for business performance. Winners receive a range of benefits including worldwide recognition and extensive press coverage.

By approaching the functionality of a telephone system and a computer from a different angle, Broadcast Bionics developed “a unique communications solution” called PhoneBOX by harnessing new technology and adapting it for the Broadcast Industry.

Since launching their computerised phone-in system designed especially for Radio and TV, three years ago, Broadcast Bionics has been “at the heart of connecting listeners with their chosen station.” Queen Elizabeth II awarded the company the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2005 in recognition of the significant impact its products have made on the Broadcasting Industry.

Broadcast Bionics Director Dan McQuillin says:

“This is a fantastic honour and an achievement that everyone at Broadcast Bionics is rightly proud of. We have a great team of talented people, passionate about our products and the industry we serve. They have all contributed to the company’s success and share in this award.

“Broadcast Bionics is a small company that few outside the industry have ever heard of, yet such has been the success of PhoneBOX that across the UK and around the world millions hear our products in use every day.”

Many of the UK’s major radio and TV stations run PhoneBOX2, as do stations in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, America, Canada and the Middle East.

Contact Details:

Techtel Pty Limited

26 Whiting Street,Artarmon NSW 2064

T: 02 9906 1488

E: [email protected]


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