Cacklin’ Jack Post chats with The Daily Talk Show

Christian O’Connell, Hamish & Andy, and making a career out of second fiddle. 

Podcasters Josh Janssen & Tommy Jackett spoke with Jack Post on The Daily Talk Show, discussing the real work of a radio producer, and his upcoming Breakfast role with Christian O’Connell on Gold FM.

Post told the co-hosts he first met O’Connell in 2012, ‘for the simulcast Hamish & Andy did with Christian O’Connell on his breakfast show, which was on at the same time as the Hamish & Andy Drive show. We were in London for the Olympics, and we broadcast in his studio to his entire audience and our entire audience at the same time. 

‘It was a bit of radio geeks’ heaven. The whole show became about the logistics of running two shows at once.’

The trio discuss what is really involved in producing radio, despite audience perceptions that it’s just sitting in a room while other people talk. 

‘We all know the producer as a title is probably the least respected thing from an audience perspective.’

‘The geekier the shows, and Kyle & Jackie O are a good example of a radio geeks show, they do get meta, they do bring in the producer element, even with Christian O’Connell his show is very much designed for the radio geeks, Richie his sidekick that was on his show for Absolute Radio, so producer-wise I think there’s a shift that’s happening.

‘As people are respecting the process of things more, so people like the behind the scenes, you’re seeing content on the side, I reckon a producer is an anchor with a little bit more weight. 

‘There might be some level of steering, you’re a sounding board, but you’re also producing content. You’re actually a writer. I think writer is a better terminloogy,’ said Janssen.

‘I agree with you Josh’, said Post. ‘I was much more a creative producer on Hamish & Andy, so I was mostly working with content, rather than logistics or admin, that’s why I liked to call that role a writer. Same thing I’ll be doing with Christian, the fun stuff, coming up with ideas.’

‘Radio is selling it so fucking short. It is creative content that lives so far beyond just the speakers now,’ added Janssen.

On Christian O’Connell, Post said ‘In 2012 we did the simulcast show in London. And we went out to breakfast after the show, and had a chat, and he’s just such a lovely guy and such a genuine person. At that time I was a producer of the show, but a lowly coffee running guy, but he gave me the time of day back then. 

When asked what he’d say to young people just starting out in radio, Post said:

‘I just don’t know what the best advice is, just get as much time and experience as possible, just go and do a show on SYN FM, it doesn’t matter if no-one’s listening, if you do it everyday of the week for three months then you’re going to get experience.
‘But personally even though I did do community radio, I didn’t work as hard as some people who really put in the effort and go to regional stations and really slogged it out. I didn’t want to outstay my welcome or force something that didn’t seem natural, I got really lucky that I came across a show that I gelled with really well. I didn’t grow up loving radio.’

‘And that would piss people off.’

‘It might a little bit, It doesn’t mean I don’t love radio now,’ said Post.

On playing second fiddle:

‘Someone with more ambition could’ve taken the traction I got on Hamish & Andy and run with it, whereas I was fortunate that I had that perfect balance. I loved it but i didn’t want to be a world-beater and demand that I would be the next big thing in radio.

‘That’s why I’ve been able to have the long career playing second fiddle.’

‘It plays to my personality. I don’t want to be up the front waving saying ‘this is all about me’. Don’t even put me in the description of this episode.’

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