Can podcast hits go global: PodcastDay

The panel of Dechlan Moore, (Wondery), Maria Williams (Bauer Media) and Jakob Munck, (Munck Studios) looked at the globalisation of their product at PodcastDay Online.
Dechlan says the success of shows like Doctor Death and Business Wars outside of the US in the English speaking markets of Australia, the UK and Canada prompted Wondery to explore other markets and to translate into German, French, Portuguese and Spanish, and include a local monetisation partner in each market.
Wondery is also looking at licencing agreements with Middle Eastern, Japanese, and Chinese markets.
The challenges of translating into a different language centres around keeping the authenticity of the program intact.
Bauer is going the other way, taking the Danish podcast Danish Homicide cases – Death in Denmark and translating it into English.
Maria says that with the huge appetite for true crime podcasts, translating the hugely successful Danish program would be a good experiment for her company. It was also made a little easier because the Danish are very good speakers of the English language, so they were able to go back and re-interview the subjects in English and this gives great realism to the podcast and was also cost effective and faster.
Munck Studios are producing around 100 shows, and Jakob says they are looking are looking at existing markets which include Scandinavia, as well as Germany, the Netherlands and English speaking countries through a partnership with the CBC.
Podcasts, produced in partnership with the CBC, will be made in English and then remade with other, local language collaborators.




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