The Chaser bids Jones a fond farewell: AUDIO

The Chaser team has released their own tribute to Alan Jones today on the latest The Chaser Podcast.
Alan has long been a target for The Chaser team, and they couldn’t pass up a change to say goodbye.


 The Chaser Report podcast Episode 5 is called Party Time! (With 10 or fewer people of course). It looks at the big issues affecting everyone during COVID:

  • Who should you invite to your first dinner party as the lockdown restrictions ease – being single has its advantages and you should bring your A game to the party or get swapped out
  • Dom takes a probing look at the man behind the anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne
  • Charles examines the delicate art of winning an argument with your partner while in lockdown – the silent treatment doesn’t work if it’s against the law to leave your place
  • And a  look back on Alan Jones career (audio above)
  • All that, plus the latest Chaser headlines from Rebecca De Unanumo in the Chaser International Global World newsroom – lawyers have been forced to Centrelink with news of Alan Jones retirement

Have you been taking advantage of the loosening of restrictions?

Andrew said, “No I’m sane, I’m actually a sane person. So you know the fact that the virus hasn’t gone away at all or changed in any way and that the numbers are still exactly the same every day. It makes me think, well, why, why in shit’s name are we loosening the restrictions that we had to have two weeks ago when everything was exactly as it is now.”

Charles said,  “Ah, you’re a, you’re a socialist from the Daniel Andrews school of socialism and communism”

Andrew said  “It’s the way we do it in Victoria oh yes.”

Being single has its benefits in COVID

Dom said, “My wife and I took advantage of the loosening of the restrictions and had a party on the weekend. We’re only allowed two guests, which I think actually gives single people a massive advantage for the first time.”

Restrictions are forcing you to pick better quality guests for dinner parties: “When you’re looking at the guest list, you know how with couples there’s always one member of a couple of you go, ah yeah, I mean I like her but I really like him or whatever. So we found out that it was just inviting just single people over cause you can then just maximize the quality of your guestsif you’re not on your A game, you can just get told to go home and then you swap them out.”

Listen to the latest podcast here




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